My New Title and Tagline

I had left my title and tag line as my site name and email address to call attention to my contact information.

I got around to creating a ‘contact info’ page and didn’t need that anymore so here is what I’m going with:

Title:  The Olive Branch

Tagline:  A peace offering of fiction, fitness tips, and teaching stories from abroad.

I went with “The Olive Branch” because my last name is Olivier.  That being the case I was thinking of olive branches or dirty martinis.  I went with the olive branch, though I did post up “The Dirty Martini of Discourse” “a delightful elixir mixed with equal parts fiction, fitness, and teaching from Mister Olivier himself.” for a moment before I realised how ostentatious it was.

Let me know what you think!



I let it set for a day and decided… it wasn’t right.  I changed it again.

The new title is: Olive These Words (I know, it’s pun-tastic)

It plays on my name, it’s a bit silly, and it also flows with the idea that I am a wordsmith or a person of words.

The tagline is a quote I love from Alice in Wonderland.  It speaks about how the only things worth doing in life are the things we do for others.  As I write stories for submitters on my site I felt that it fit the theme well.

I would love to hear some opinions on this!

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