Love Nudge, Day 1: Attraction

Love Nudge: Day 1

I am a week late finding this, so I am not in the running to ‘win,’ but this prompt was too good to pass up, so I am going to submit mine late.  The full rules are here.  Go check out all the stuff everyone is writing for them as well!  It’s good stuff!

My submission is an ode to my one of my favourite graphic novels.  I’ll let you guess…

Monday: Attraction

Antsy anticipation absorbing all attention.

Aberrant, antic, astute and all-together ambient affection altering actuality.

Abrupt agony alerting awareness and apprehending assiduity. 

Azure apertures, alluring and adept, appreciative and amorous. 

All attend analogous accomplishments; an all assailing…


10 thoughts on “Love Nudge, Day 1: Attraction

  1. This is fantastic fun! Love your use of alliteration – and it all makes sense and seems unforced! And who could fail to be attracted to books – that TBR pile by my bed is an eternal symbol of joy to me.
    Is the graphic novel Ant-man? And if not, why not? 🙂
    Thanks so much for taking part.

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