Love Nudge, Day 2: Obsession

Here we go with Round 2 of: Love Nudge!

For complete rules, check out the page HERE! 

The competition is over, but that shouldn’t stop you if the creative bug is biting.  Let it rip!

Tuesday: Obsession

Observing obscure overtures optimistically. 

Objectivity obfuscated, overcome obstinately.

Ominous omens omitted, onerous obstacles overthrown.

Obnoxious?  Obtuse? Oafish?  Officious? Obliterated outright. 

Olfactories overloaded on overjoyous ogling of oracular opus’s orotund opalescence. 

Offer opportunities offhandedly,  obsessively, overboldly. 

Organic oscillating oppression of omnipresent….


10 thoughts on “Love Nudge, Day 2: Obsession

  1. Great work I love the opening line –
    ‘Observing obscure overtures optimistically.’ – the way we look for glimmers of hope even where there are few.
    And this one –
    ‘Obnoxious? Obtuse? Oafish? Officious? Obliterated outright.’ No amount of unpleasant characteristics will overcome our attraction to some people.
    Great stuff – can’t wait to see what else you come up with 🙂

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