Love Nudge, Day 3: Jealousy

Here we go with Round 3 of: Love Nudge!

For complete rules, check out the page HERE! 

You probably can’t win the prize anymore, but you can win the unquantifiable benefit of putting words to paper… well, digitally at least!

Wednesday: Jealousy

Jeopardised and jettisoned into jerkwater jurisdictions. 

Juxtaposed and jilted for a jumentous, jejune, jowly jellylike jezebel.  You jest!

Justice jolted and the juggernaut junta jailed; jurisprudence jocular at this juncture.

Jaded by a joyless juvenile jackanapes, jocund in his jittery jiggling jolly jaunt. 

Jibing, jeering, JERK!  Just you judge your jugular, junior, for jagged joints.

Jostled by the jargony jinx of…


8 thoughts on “Love Nudge, Day 3: Jealousy

  1. Ooh, some really ‘juicy’ words here – jackanapes, Jezebel, jumentous, jejune! Gorgeous.
    My favourite line? ‘Just you judge your jugular, junior, for jagged joints.’
    Yeah, watch it, junior! Great work – J must be the toughest, surely?

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  2. Hi, Jonathan, thought I should warn you, I’m likely to publish the winner of Love Nudge tommorow, before I get to read the rest of your submissions. Very sorry about that, but thought it only fair on everyone who’s taken part not to keep them waiting any longer. Loved your entries so far! All the best, Lynn

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    • No worries at all! I have 4 & 5 set to go tonight (I missed yesterday’s because I had a post I planned to write and it took up my writing time for the evening) but I fully understand. As I said, I was in it for the challenge of writing in a way I am not comfortable with. I accomplished that, so I already won! That, and any feedback of views I get from it are reward in and of themselves.

      Prize or no, I will write the final pieces over the next few days. If you read them, that’s prize enough πŸ™‚

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