Love Nudge, Day 6 & 7: Ennui & Loathing

Here we go with Round 6 & 7 of: Love Nudge!  This is the final chapter.  I had great fun with this and it really helped me work on my vocabulary.

For complete rules, check out the page HERE! 

Saturday: Ennui & Sunday: Loathing


Saturday: Ennui

Endearment eroded, encumbered and egregiously effaced by exhaustion.

Eloquence eradicated by exorbitantly exuded ego, efforts of elucidation execrated.

Ephemeral emotions are endemic to an eminent ending.

Expert expectorate and extraneous erudition exacerbate and expedite extirpation.

The enigma of enmity, eschewing enumeration and evoking exodus.

Enveloped in an endless episodic expedition with the epitomical embodiment of…



Sunday: Loathing

Lavished in lassitude and lachrymose languor. 

Left to languish and lament latent laxadasical liabilities. 

Laconic and listless, a lampooning of love, lends ludicrous levity to lingering litigations

A legacy of lilliputian loquaciousness and ludicrous lugubriousness leading to a longing for libation

Lacklustre leviathan, lethally lethargic, leveeing limber linguistic luridness. 

Legerdemain longevity liquidated by libel, a literal loll into lies

Leniency becoming a legitimate liability

Lulling lividly into the lake of ….



Thank you again to Lynn Love for the prompts and the wonderful contest!  Thank you also to everyone who has read and commented on these works.  Poems and short works of this style are not my forte and you have all been exceedingly kind by not pointing that out!  Arigato! 

6 thoughts on “Love Nudge, Day 6 & 7: Ennui & Loathing

  1. What a great ending to the competition, Jonathan! Loved –
    ‘Endearment eroded’ ‘Eloquence eradicated by exorbitantly exuded ego’
    ‘A legacy of lilliputian loquaciousness and ludicrous lugubriousness leading to a longing for libation.’
    Ohh, how we’ve all felt like that from time to time!
    These have been very enjoyable to read and I’m still admiring your dedication, vocabulary and research skills in finding all of these amazing words. Thanks so much for taking part and for playing such a great role in the competition. It was fabulous to read your writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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