We Regret To Inform You…

Due to circumstances beyond my control I won’t be able to publish this week’s A Story from 10 Words.  It’s been a rather hectic week and it ended in much the same fashion.

I could rush the work and produce something below my standards, but that serves no good purpose.

That being the case, I will be moving the schedule back a week and I thank all of the loyal readers of this series for your patience and understanding!

Here is the upcoming schedule:

February 28th – Aubrey’s Story

March 6th – Fambroise’s Story – Part II

March 13th – Raeyna’s Story

March 20th – Seth’s Story

March 27th – Special Edition – Jonathan’s Story (Guest Post!)

Thank you for your constant readership and support!

If you would like your own 10 word story, please see my about page for the submission rules and email me with your words.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

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