3 Line Tales, Week 4: Leprechaun

Below is my submission to 3 Line Tales: Week 4

For full details on the prompt and submission rules, see Only 100 Words.


Deadbeat they said.  Drunkard they said.  You have to chuck him, double fast they said.  I went to a bar one night and fell for quite possibly the most legendary tosspot The Apple had ever given birth to; a pocket sized, copper haired harlequin.

I take him home, red ostentatious suit and all, and he gets to dancing.  He danced nonstop.  And don’t get me started on the practical jokes.  I couldn’t get through a day without receiving envelopes full of glitter or haemorrhoid cream in my toothpaste.

So I cut him loose, force him from my place, only to find him relieved.  On his way out he hands me the most beautiful pair of handmade shoes I’ve ever seen, says they are my consolation prize with a shit eating grin.  Did he buy these? I stupidly wondered.  Then I watched as he stepped out the window… and walked across a damn rainbow singing about some pot of his.  I knew I should have paid attention in mythology class…


Thank you to the lovely Sonya for another wonderful prompt.  Keep ’em coming!

12 thoughts on “3 Line Tales, Week 4: Leprechaun

  1. Oh dear, I cannot help but think of myself as an enabler. I let you get away with four lines last week, and now this 😀

    To be serious for a second: I don’t care how many lines you go over. It’s all about inspiration, not following rules to the letter. And I love the story, as well.

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