Hello Writing, My Old Friend

It has been nearly four years since I touched this blog and a lot has happened in the interim.

My last post was about the GRE. I aced it, got into graduate school, and am now the proud owner of a Masters degree in education with a specialization in applied linguistics. That there is a fancy way of saying, I teach English super good now. Please don’t tell any of my professors I wrote that… I will deny it vehemently, wafting about my extremely expensive piece of paper (aka: diploma) to prove I would never utter such nonsense.

I am beginning the second portion of said educational journey starting this September, hopefully, in pursuit of my PhD in said field. Wish me luck!

That said, there was a world of stress and insanity that came along with my previous living and working situation that has since been alleviated. With that came a piece of mind that got me back into reading and writing.

Thus, here I am, tapping away at the old computer, trying to get the dust off.

I am going to foray back in slowly, writing up some book reviews and possibly some random writing prompts to get back into the habit.

For those of you still out there interested in reading my drivel, I pity your apparent masochism, but here we go again.

Here’s to the hope that life doesn’t send me on another long misadventure away from writing!

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