I am currently running two major topics on this blog outside of my creative writing and I manage two other blogs as well.

On Olive These Words:

1: Your Story from 10 Words

This is a weekly blog that I will post every Sunday.  I ask people to submit 10 words, a theme, and a song and I create a story from them.  These stories are free of charge and I am willing to write them for anyone and everyone.  The only requirement is that you email me first and make sure that I am not backlogged.

2:  Opinion Pieces

There are two branches of this:  Battle Royale and Of Life & Lunacy.  The battle royale pieces are my take on comparing things.  They are meant to be a bit silly and fun.  I pit characters, movies, or really anything in a king of the hill battle to see who is the best.  Feel free to disagree and let me have it!

The other opinion pieces (Of Life & Lunacy) are my 5 to 7 point takes on things happening in the world.

Separate Blogs: 

3: Fitness – Lean Mean Daddy

This is where I chronicle my workouts.  I began a gym free fitness program 3 years ago and have lost nearly 50 pounds and am at a weight I have not been at since junior high school (I am 36, by the way).  I can help you do the same!  To read these posts please visit this site:

4: Teaching Abroad – Honky Sensei

I am currently working and living in Japan.  I have been in English teacher here for nearly 6 years now and the stories that one comes away with working with children who have a tenuous grasp on the language at best is good entertainment for all.  These stories are lighthearted and silly.  You have been warned.  To read these posts please visit this site:


As with anything I post if you have comments or questions please feel free to email me at any time.