My Writing

I have a 200,000 word urban action fantasy with supernatural elements that I am currently in the process of polishing.

Sisters of Fury is the story of Rachel Kim, a woman who was killed only to return to life as the host of Alecto, the Greek goddess of vengeance.  With her newfound powers Rachel will get vengeance on her murderers and discover why the gods selected her as the new goddess of wrath.

I am also working on two new projects at the moment, both of which will be posted on this site uncut.

The Othersiders:  Arts of the Necromancer – This is a young adult science fiction/fantasy novel about two friends who have lost loved ones and are convinced that they were kidnapped by beings from another world.  This story deals with faith in current society and questions that many young adults struggle with as they develop their own understanding of the supernatural.

Downfall Series – A crime serial about a killer who kills every time it rains.  That story is still developing.  When I know where it’s going, I will let you know.