A Story from 10 Words:

Rita’s Story ~

Omg goodness much thanks!!  Thank you once again for doing this, it was amazing!!!


Josel’s Story ~

        OH MY GOSH JON!!! That was amazing!! WOW! You captured the girls, their bond & their relationship so precisely as well as their personalities! I can’t wait for them to read it! Thank you!! I will cherish this. This means more to me then you will ever know. Simply awesome & fantastic writing. You are so talented.

Amanda’s Story ~

        I love this so much, it brought tears to my eyes. It describes Joe and I perfectly! You, my friend, are an incredible talent.

Paul’s Story ~

        Paul, aka ‘Lucky’ – Jon, that was a great read!  We all loved the story.

        Randy, aka ‘Mentor’ – WOW!!!!! I’m speechless.  What a story.  What a clever, brilliant piece.  I feel like I’ve been to a movie!!!!   Jonathan has some serious linguistic skills.  I’m honored and moved.

        Ron, aka ‘Gus’ – that was so good!  It was like reading a Louis L’Amour story.  You are really talented.  I know you are going to be a highly successful writer.  The descriptions and narrative you used was spot on.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading this.  Fabulous writing Jon.